Latin BingoDual-screen cabinet with multiple HD games and any leading Player Tracking Module.+


Inspired is the first to launch a twin screen cabinet that can be integrated with any casino Player Tracking Module. It's both fun to play in HD and easy to install in any venue around the world.


Inspired's twin screen Latin Bingo cabinet with 22 inch displays is sleek in design and presents the feature-rich game graphics in High Definition.

Blaze is available with multiple Latin bingo games on one cabinet and new games can be downloaded via Inspired's Open SBG CORE™ platform. Each game has a different theme and there is a wide variation of win patterns to suit different players.

The games are integrated with the premium sound system to match the audio level to the action on the screen.

Available cabinets



Bingo Blaze Jackpot

The Bingo Blaze progressive jackpot is scalable to suit any venue size and can be enabled as a single game or a multi game progressive jackpot.