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Sabre boasts many unique cabinet features, including a 26 inch HD main display, with a secondary touch screen Player Portal for game results and analysis

This market-leading product is available as a single or multi-content gaming machine and operates on the most powerful platform in the world, Open SBG Core™.

Sabre Multi-Win Roulette

Multi-Win Roulette 4 gives the player a choice of up to four wheels to play on and can be connected to live wheels with real croupiers, both in the venue or remotely.

Available cabinets



SAS and Player Tracking Modules

Sabre allows full SAS connectivity and integration with Player Tracking Modules on request.



Winning Number Display

Multi-screen displays with rich HD graphics attract new players. Results generated by RNG are displayed via high quality CGI graphics and live tables or wheels are filmed via a live feed for the most compelling real-time experience.



Sabre can be arranged in a group of any denomination connected by stylish connectors, designed to match the cabinet finish.


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